Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Best Career Choices for Women in 2019

In the past few decades, the world has undergone a lot of change. Gone are the days when some professions kept their doors closed for women. These days, women have the choice of doing whatever it is they want. There are hundreds of thousands of paths you can choose to go down, but is it really right for you? While you can do any job, there are certain career choices that turn out to be best for women. Listed below are some of the ideal careers that a woman can opt for in 2019 for maximum returns and long-term growth:


The job description of pharmacists includes managing and dispensing medications to patients who have been provided with a prescription from doctors. It also involves offering advice and guidance regarding the medicine usage. There are plenty of options available like working in drug store or grocery store pharmacies or you can also choose to work in clinical settings or hospitals, as per your preference. You have be licensed and possess a Doctor of Pharmacy degree to be eligible for this job. The former requires you to pass two professional exams.

Nurse Practitioner 

Coordinating patient care is the job responsibility of a nurse practitioner. You can work in collaboration with physicians or independently and provide specialty or primary health care. You have to have a state license and also a Master’s degree in the field. The position is also referred to as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs).


In the course of this job, you are required to counsel and represent businesses, individual clients, non-profits as well as government organizations in legal disputes or on legal issues. You need to have a four year bachelor’s degree and have to go through three years of law school training to become a lawyer. You also have to pass the state’s bar examination if you want to become a lawyer in the US.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 

The responsibilities of a CEO include planning, coordinating and overseeing the operations of a company. They work for ensuring that the goals of the business are fulfilled in a timely manner. You can work as a chief executive in a horde of private and public sector industries. While it is true that the highest salary is paid to the chief executive as compared to other management positions, they also have to put in very long hours and are held responsible for the success of the company.

Software Developer 

Creating and devising computer programs is what a software developer has to do. The number of women in this field is low, which means there is plenty of untapped potential. You will have to know how to analyze a user’s needs and then design applications accordingly. You may also have to help write code that can be used for improving current software.

Computer and Information System Managers 

Also referred to as Information Technology Managers, computer and information system managers are typically required to coordinate, devise, implement and then analyze projects related to computer and other technology. Depending on the position you work in, you may have to work directly in both hardware and software and may also have a role in web design database development. Other than that, you may also have the job of designing a firm’s IT approach and its strategies in that regard. You have to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field to become an IT manager, but specific graduate degrees have become more common nowadays.

Physical Therapist 

Helping people suffering from an illness or injury in managing their pain and also boosting their mobility is the job of a physical therapist. If you choose to make a career in physical therapy, you have the option of working in clinics, private offices, nursing homes and hospitals, whichever setting is the most comfortable. You have to have a four year bachelor’s degree as well as a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree in order to become a physical therapist. Furthermore, you cannot practice without getting licensed.

Human Resources Manager 

As a human resources manager, you will have the responsibility of recruiting new members of a business’s employee team, which involves interviewing and hiring new workers. However, this is not the only task you have to perform in the course of this job. It also involves work in other areas of employee relations such as benefits, payroll and training. In addition, you have to be equipped to handle any conflicts in the workplace, which are natural, and should be able to resolve disputes in an orderly fashion.

These are some great career opportunities that women can explore in 2017 when they wish to have successful careers that hold a lot of potential and can give them high returns in the future.          

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