Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Best Jobs for Stay at Home Moms

There are plenty of mothers out there who wish to have a hand in the rearing of their children. They don’t want to miss out on the crucial stages of their childhood and want to be there for every important moment. However, in countless cases, this becomes a choice between their children and careers. Some choose the former, but others may have to opt for the latter due to financial reasons. Do you really have to sacrifice your own financial, professional and personal growths to look after your children? This may have been the only way out once, but not anymore.

In the 21st century, women have the resources and technology they need for working from home so they don’t have to choose between their family and careers. There are a wide array of jobs that moms can do online or at home without having to go out at all. This enables them to spend quality time with their kids and not miss out on any changes. Of course, these jobs offer flexibility and are a great source of steady income as well. Some of the best jobs for stay-at-home moms available these days are:

Customer Service Representative 

You probably have time on your hands when kids are at school. Why not work as a customer service representative during this time? You just need a strong internet connection, a good microphone set, a clear speaking voice and the ability to communicate with people. If you are good at convincing people, you can choose to go for commission-based customer representatives and earn huge sums of money.


Bilingual moms can work as online translators and make the most of their time. The internet has made the world a much smaller space, which means that multilingual websites have sprung up for people in different areas. It has become a lucrative industry and companies are willing to pay substantial money to those who have translation skills. You have the option of working on an hourly basis if you are free at a set time or you can work on projects with fixed deadlines.

Content Writer 

There are hundreds of websites set up on a daily basis. What is the primary element of all websites? Content. All the new websites need compelling content to lure visitors and this is where content writers come in. Website owners and businesses are hiring those proficient in writing on various topics. They can give you as much work as you want and are also willing to negotiate a flexible schedule.

Medical Transcriptionist 

If you are a mom with a medical background, you should consider the job of a medical transcriptionist. This job requires you to have amazing typing skills, a good ear and the patience to listen to medical jargon. This can turn out to be a very flexible job option as you just have to encode the audio files for healthcare professionals. You will usually be paid for every audio so you can earn as much as you want.

English Tutor Online 

Do you know there are hundreds of foreigners all over the world who wish to learn English? Lots of them turn to the internet for assistance. You are a Native English speaker so you can become an English tutor and help others learn. There are online tutorial agencies you can join who can connect you with clients. Set up flexible and convenient hours and get paid for every session. You don’t have to have any experience in order to do this job well.


Stay at home moms who have excellent grasps over the English language can do a lot more than tutoring or writing. They can also consider proofreading as a job option as it doesn’t require them to leave home either. If you possess extensive knowledge of vocabulary and grammar and are also aware of different writing techniques, you can work as a proofreader. Lots of people want to get their documents, thesis, books, assignments and projects proofread and are willing to pay handsomely for it.

Sell Online

Last, but definitely not the least, moms can turn their hobbies into a complete business. If you enjoy crocheting, knitting, jewelry-making, sewing, paper craft or any other kind of craft, you can now use it for earning money. Platforms such as Etsy have provided moms with the great opportunity of using their skills to earn consistent income right from their home. You can connect with clients from all over the world and sell what you make. Take as many orders as you want, which means that how much you earn depends on you. Also, it gives you flexibility as you can choose not to take orders when you are running short on time.
 These are some excellent job options for moms who don’t want to leave the comforts of their home to bring in money.

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