Thursday, 20 September 2018

5 Excellent Tips for Writing an Effective Resume

When you are applying for a job, you send in your resume to hiring managers and recruiters. This means that your resume is supposed to be the best portrayal of you so you can get hired. However, 9 times out of 10, you are unable to get a response from recruiters, which can be majorly disappointing because it is highly likely that you were the right candidate for the job. The reason? Your resume is probably not up to the mark so the first thing you need to do is write an effective resume. How?
Luckily, here are the 5 tips that can prove to be immensely useful when you want to write a resume that can impress potential employers and get you an interview call:

    • Format it wisely 

Regardless of how well-written your resume is, you cannot expect it to get a thorough reading the first time. Recruiters and hiring managers have an endless number of resumes to sort through so generally they only scan it for about 25 seconds before making a decision. However, scanning becomes difficult for them if the resume exceeds two pages, is poorly organized and hard to read. In order to avoid this, you should use wide margins and a logical format, clear headings and clean type. Apply the bold and italic typeface selectively, which will help guide the reader’s eye. Call attention to important points like accomplishments with bullets.

    • Write accomplishments and not job descriptions 

Recruiters, especially in technical fields such as engineering, are looking for candidates who can help them in satisfying a need in the company or for solving a problem. Consequently, you cannot be a solution for their issues if you cannot tell them how you did the same for other firms you worked for. Hence, you need to focus more on your accomplishments and tasks rather than the job description. Don’t use generic descriptions; specify what you did and how it benefitted the firm.

    • Quantify your accomplishments 

One of the most common resume mistake is when you make general claims and use too much industry jargon. A resume works like a marketing document that sells your strength and skills instead of just giving your background. Therefore, you need to highlight specific achievements that provide a comprehensive picture of your abilities and improves your marketability. Use number of employees, dollars and percentages for quantifying your accomplishments as this ensures greater confidence in the hiring manager.

    • Formulate your resume for the industry

While in the design and advertising industry, professionals have a greater creative license when making their resumes, but the mechanical industry is not going to be impressed and may actually be turned off if you present a distinctive resume design. You need to be stylistically conservative and let your work speak for itself.

    • Write a career summary instead of objective 

The problem with objectives is that they are quite similar as everyone is looking for a challenging environment and growth. A career summary, on the other hand, gives recruiters a brief overview of who you are so this will get their attention. 

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