Saturday, 8 September 2018

Questions to Ask a Resume Writer before Hiring

Hiring new employees is a crucial and inevitable business process. It is essential for a business to hire the right people for any positions in order to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly and seamlessly. A wrong hire can cause a lot of problems for a business in the long term. Therefore, it is necessary for every organization to follow a proper process that can aid them in hiring the best people for jobs. Here are some tips that can be immensely useful in this regard:

Your CV can break or make your chances of getting hired. Maybe you have sent your resume to a lot of places and you haven’t gotten the desired response even when you had all the right credentials and qualifications. That’s probably because your resume is no longer cutting it and is not giving the right impression. This means that it might be time for you to call in the big guns; hire a professional resume writer. Instead of writing a factual history of your education and career, a professional writer crafts a compelling marketing document. The best resume writers are those who have specialist industry knowledge, are experienced in hiring or have been formally trained in resume writing.

The problem is that there are hundreds of resume writers you can find on the internet these days and not all of them are reliable. However, it can be difficult to ascertain professional writers from inexperienced ones. If this is the case, there are some questions you can ask a resume writer before hiring them to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge for writing your resume. Read on to know what they are:

Question 1- What are your qualifications? 

Typing a career history is not difficult for anyone, but you want a lot more than that. You want someone who has the ability of creating a strategic marketing document that can resonate with the hiring managers. They can only do so when they understand the hiring process, which means they have to have a background in HR. Question them about their process. How do they design a unique resume? If they don’t have a proper strategy, it is not a good idea to hire them.

Question 2- Do you have resume samples? 

A good and experienced resume writer will have samples of the resumes they have done on their website. They typically show the before and after format and you should check them for variation and quality. If you see too many similarities in a resume, chances are that they are just using a template, which doesn’t make them unique. The samples should impress you personally and should leave a positive impression.

Question 3- What do you guarantee? 

You should never hire a resume writer if they don’t provide you with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that they will not only write you a wonderful resume, but also agree to make any necessary revisions if you are not satisfied with the work. You should beware of writers or services who only allow you one or two requests of revisions that end up leaving you frustrated.

Question 4- What process do you use? 

Some resume writers ask their clients to fill out a questionnaire. Others choose to communicate by phone. Some also opt for a combination of methods. Regardless of what methods they opt for, make sure you are comfortable with it and deem it thorough. If they only take your old resume and are willing to offer you a new one without any communication, it is best to avoid them. 

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