Saturday, 20 October 2018

Taking Your Best Shot At Your Career

Remember there was a time when you used to go to school and after seeing a plane in the sky you thought to yourself that you want to be a pilot when you grow up? Then there was a time when you were in high school and at times you were sitting all puzzled and confused with your friends wondering what you will do in future because there was just so much that seemed accomplishable to you but you couldn’t be everything at the same time. And then there was the time of college and university when you were feeling all grown up and closer to the realization of your dreams. Maybe you’re still in that phase.

Did you ever realize how quickly the time passed and suddenly you’re in your practical life? Yes now is the time to find the job that brings you all the comfort of life that you have always imagined. You’re looking around and trying to figure out what’s the first thing that you need to do. Everyone is telling you something new and everything seems an opportunity at the same time. You have the options but they are so many that it’s becoming overwhelming and you’re lost in too much information.  You’re also wondering how others are getting the jobs and why don’t they have time to tell you what to do? You should worry no more because we’ll tell you what’s the way to get your dream job and how did the people currently having jobs managed to get them.

Let’s get to the basics first which means “first things first”. Obviously if you’re looking for a job you first need to decide your career path. You must know what you’re good at and what you want to do in your life. A simple example of deciding that can be recalling how much you loved Mathematics in your class and whether you preferred focusing on the lecture or sleeping during Chemistry lecture? So basically you need to know what it is that you can stick to. What are your abilities? You need to know yourself as an individual. You can best convince an employer about your abilities if you’re talking about what you really want to do.

Let’s suppose that you want to be a cosmetologist but you can’t take the customers’ attitude then it’s better that you give another thought to being a cosmetologist. We can take another example and let’s say that you want to become a teacher but you can’t talk loud constantly which you might have to do in case of big classrooms then once again you should rethink before opting to be a teacher. It’s understandable that no career will be a “perfect” match for you. There might just always be one or two things that are not how you want them but you must decide what you can compromise with and what not.

Now that you have decided your career path it’s time you know how to search for your career job. The most powerful source of searching jobs in this age of advanced technology is Internet. So in short the job listings that you find on the internet on different websites are job boards of the present time. Any website that offers you a list of jobs related to different categories is a jobs board. On the internet however a jobs board has several different types. It can be a website that offers only job listings that can be narrowed down through different criteria such as country or city you’re looking for a job in. It can be a website that is a pure job searching website. It can also be a website that makes your CV available to all its registered companies around the globe which can also involve some charges in some cases. It can also be a jobs search engine.

Now that you know of the options available to you for searching a job you now need to create a resume. It is obvious that before applying for a job you will see if this is the job you are looking for and if it fulfills your requirements. Same is the case with employer. They’ll first see if you’re the person suitable for the job he has posted on the website and that he can only do if you have a resume. Create a resume which is professional and focused on what you are pursuing. Take advice from your friends already doing jobs about how to create a resume. And not to forget that many of the job listing/searching websites now offer resume writing services which might be against a minimal amount. Never overlook the importance of your resume. It is in simple words a dish that a chef would put on your table to prove himself the best chef and you know it’s not all about taste but presentation matters as well.

Always be prepared for a job interview once you have created the resume and posted it on various websites because you never know when you might receive a call. You must be very good with your communication skills. You can practice that with your friends, in front of the mirror and you can get some help by searching for some tips on this topic on the internet. Your conversation skills during an interview are just as important as a tuned guitar while performing for an audience of experienced musicians who are there to judge you.

Can you imagine an international soccer player wearing a three-piece business suit on the field? It sounds very odd doesn’t it? Thus you should know what’s the right dressing while appearing for an interview? Your dressing should be very professional but not overdone. Dress pants and shirt with a sober tie can be just enough. Not to mention that they must be clean. Once you have dressed professionally see yourself in the mirror and notice anything that doesn’t very “guy who is looking for a job” kind. Make sure your hair are combed and well-dressed first of all and also the hairstyle should be a formal one. Just remember that right now you’re looking for a job to make a career, your eagerness for modeling can be handled later may be once you get selected. Wear a good perfume and take your friends’ help once again but make sure it’s not so loud that people mistake it for an air freshener.

When you apply for a job do you wish to get a response sooner or you just want it to delay as much as possible? Obviously if you are serious with your job search you would want it to be as quick as possible. This applies to the employers as well. Employers like to commend job seekers who are prompt and very active in their approach of finding a job. A very easy way of making them realize your promptness is to write them a thank you note in the form of a mail or email once you have been interviewed. You should try to make this thank you letter personalized and customized. Also, address the person who interviewed you directly in the letter to personalize it and compel them to give your resume more attention.

If you stick to the plan which in this scenario is whatever we have told you above then everything should go in your favor. Lastly, never give up on your search for the best and remember, “Putting a limit on what you will do is to put a limit on what you can do”.

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