Thursday, 8 November 2018

MBA VS Executive MBA: What’s Better?

There has always been a hot debate between students on various platforms about the difference between. You will often see students discussing the core difference between the two programs before taking admission in one. If we talk about the students of both programs, we will surely see the difference between ages, experiences and goals of the students. The students of both programs have different goals where the students of weekend MBA or executive MBA program targeting a higher job post and higher salaries in their career. The students of MBA are focusing more towards the attainment of a degree and threshold of their career. We will be giving a brief information about both the programs albeit they are same in nature.

Conventional MBA Program:

First thing that we should be looking at when talking about the old and conventional MBA, is the type of students. The students in conventional MBA program are most of the time students who intend to complete their studies before starting their career. However, there can still be students who have already adopted a job, for such students we have part-time MBA programs. Online MBA programs provide another great way to get the degree while sitting at home.

Enrollment in a conventional MBA program would generally require students to complete a GMAT. Though not in every case, but rarely you will find universities requiring their MBA students to have an experience of two years in the respective field as a requirement of admission. The selection of students is mostly based on their grades and marks obtained in the undergraduate degree.

Duration of a conventional MBA program is mostly two years. However, if you are pursuing part-time MBA program then your speed will be a little slower and require you to complete the MBA program in more than two years. These MBA programs also require you to complete an internship within the two years format to give students an exposure to practical world and office environment.
Talking about the courses and subjects that are covered during the program is somewhat similar to that of EMBA. However, concentration into other subjects can be obtained if the university offers variety of concentrations. Keeping in mind that conventional MBA requires students to take full-time classes, which may be held during the daytime for an entire week.

The Executive MBA (EMBA) or Weekend MBA Program

Executive MBA or weekend MBA program as the name suggests are focused to train the executives on core business subjects while letting them continue with their jobs. These executives are students who had started their jobs while studying and due to the busy schedules, they were never able to pursue the postgraduate program. Classes for executive MBA program are held on weekends. Moreover, they can be held on alternating weekends as well. These classes are mostly attended online but executives are required to pay a visit to the onsite campus typically in the sixth term of their program tenure.

Length of executive MBA program is mostly like a package and comprises of nineteen months. If a student wants to study a specific elective course that is offered by the university, he/she might have to study for three extra months or whatever the policy of the university is. The average age of students is higher than of MBA program. Selection of executives does not require them to complete a GMAT instead; their experience is more important factor in their selection.

Classes are mostly divided into groups or teams based on the level and field of experience of students. The cost of EMBA or weekend MBA program is considered higher than conventional MBA possibly because it also includes some hidden costs i.e. travel costs.

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