Saturday, 8 December 2018

Here’s a Brilliant Guide to Becoming a Sales Recruiter

The job of sales recruiters is to find salespeople of the top caliber for the open positions of their clients. This can be achieved by recruiters through networking, sourcing, interviewing and recruiting applicants. Great dedication and skills are needed for this career path. Moreover, it is a very unique option that’s expected to grow considerably in the upcoming years as the demand for sales recruiters will rise. Thus, with the demand of top-notch sales recruiters touching new heights, there will be plenty of opportunities in this challenging and fast-paced career. People who are interested in choosing this career option need to follow the steps listed below:

    1- The first thing that people should do is to study the sales trends of industries that seem interesting to you in order to find your niche. For instance, if you have some background and experience in insurance, then you will want to go for insurance sales recruiting.

    2- Either get some work experience in sales or a degree. You don’t need to have any formal education if you are interested in getting an entry-level sales recruiting position. However, most companies require their employees to have a degree in business management, marketing or human resource if they are applying for recruiting positions that have a high pay scale. If you would rather have some on-the-job experience instead of a college degree, then you should polish your skills by finding a renowned and established company. Most of the top sales recruiters in different industries began their careers from entry-level sales positions.

    3- Go to the national staffing associations to become certified. The two most popular options include the American Staffing Association and the National Association for Personnel Services. A lot of recruiters don’t make the effort of becoming qualified, but they should know that doing so can make their resume much more impressive to sales recruiting companies.

    4- Fine-tune your resume. Ensure that it shows your certifications, education and sales experience. Recruiting firms wish to work with top-notch sales recruiters so even if you don’t have a proper background, highlight your achievements so they see you as valuable.

    5- Touch up with people you know who work in this field. Tell them about your interest in this position. Recruiters need to have an outgoing personality so call recruiting companies and tell them that you want an opportunity to show them what you can do.

    6- When interviewing, keep in mind that you have to sell yourself. Even if you don’t have any recruiting experience under your belt, you need to remain confident in front of the recruiting firm and give a professional presentation if you wish to land the position.

    7- Confidence isn’t overrated in this field and you need to ask for the job if you want it. When the interview ends, you should just ask the manager outright. This will again highlight your confidence and show them that you have the ability of accomplishing goals.
As long as these steps are followed, you will secure the sales recruiting position with ease. 

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