Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Here’s How You Should Deal With an Ignorant Boss

An employee’s ability to enjoy their work and their professional success can be heavily impacted because of their boss. A boss who tends to react in an ignorant and stubborn manner to an employee’s suggestions and contributions can turn out to be a source of immense frustration and a huge hurdle in their success. This can get even more difficult for workers if their boss is rude to them or behaves in a condescending manner because such behavior from the head doesn’t set a good example for the workers. As a matter of fact, it creates a troublesome environment that can stifle the creativity and productivity.

If your boss is also a pain rather than a help, there are some steps that can be taken by frustrated employees for making the situation better and bearable:

    1- Set up a one-on-one meeting with your boss and discuss your feelings and problems with him. There are cases where the boss doesn’t realize that they are actually doing a bad job. For instance, a boss who doesn’t offer you much in the case of guidance may think that he is simply giving you freedom to do things your way. You can bring the issue to light and clear the misconceptions by having a polite conversation with him.

    2- Look for other individuals in your organization that can aid you in growing and learning. If you think that your boss isn’t going to be of much help in exploring and reaching your potential, you can look for leaders or mentors in other departments or teams and offer to work with them.

    3- If necessary, move up the chain of command by talking to your boss’s boss. The job of your boss is to assist you in becoming the best possible employee and it can be a problem for the company when they fail to do their job. You should first try to sort things out with your boss and only go higher up the corporate ladder if your boss is refusing to bend or understand the matter.

    4- If possible, you can also switch to a new department or a team where you can find a boss who helps you out. If there is an option of choosing between different managers or head, the best possible solution for you is to ask for a transfer rather than create problems for yourself by antagonizing your boss.

    5- The last option at the disposal of people is to find another job altogether. This situation is considered when your boss refuses to see your point of view and no help can be sought from the upper management. This means it may be time for you to move on and find a position where you are not only appreciated and valued for your work, but you also get the guidance you need from your boss and feel comfortable.
These measures can be used by all those employees who are being ignored by their bosses and wish to get some recognition and guidance.

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