Wednesday, 19 December 2018

How to Write a Modern Resume

The purpose of sending a resume is to get you an interview for the job you desire. The modern version of the resume is basically a personal advertisement, which presents you in the best possible light to potential employers are enticed into giving you an interview call. An important factor that can influence your interview call is how you write your resume and the way it appears to employers. It is essential for the modern resume to stand out amidst the competition if it wishes to earn the instant attention of employers.

You have to know how to write a modern resume in order to do so and the following instructions can go a long way to helping you:

    1- Your resume should always be targeted to a specific employer. The job of your resume is to show your employer why you are the best answer to their needs, but you can only do so when you know their needs. You can find the clues on their website and in their job advertisement. You can also ask people in the industry or even the employer directly as to what they are seeking in a perfect candidate. Once you have obtained this information, it will be easy for you to tailor your resume according to the specific employer.

    2- Your resume can be divided into two sections; assertions/statements and evidence. The first half of the resume should usually be spent in talking about your achievements, qualities and abilities. This is the section for assertions or statements. The second half of the resume is your evidence section where you give evidence from the past for backing up the assertions you made in the first half. The information used in a traditional resume is the evidence i.e. your education, work history, professional affiliations and awards.

    3- A brief summary of the resume should be written usually at the top of the assertions section in a modern resume. Make a few concise statements about your experience, abilities and qualities, which can show the employer why you are best fit for the job.

    4- The evidence section should be written with boldface type for highlighting your accomplishments and making it easier for employers to read the resume. Degrees, job titles and section headings should be written with boldface.

    5- Your career accomplishments should be listed via bullet-points. Employers don’t have to search through the resume to know what you did; the bullet-points can do the job. Make it easy for employers to find your accomplishments because they don’t spend more than a few minutes on reading a resume.

Apart from these steps, bear in mind that there should be no errors in your resume, whether of spelling or grammar. In addition, you should use the right format or template. CV templates are widely available online and can be used by applicants for making their resume streamlined and more attractive in the eyes of potential employers. You will have the great and impeccable resume you want in this way. 

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