Tuesday, 25 December 2018

Top Jobs That Can Be Done From Home

The list of reasons for doing a stay-at-home job continues to grow day after day. People can enjoy independency, flexibility and freedom and don’t have to deal with office politics or traveling expense etc. The problem is that competition for such legitimate jobs is also increasing. Nowadays, people also want a job that can be done from home for supplementing their income or for spending time with their children or family. Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of career options that enable people to work from their home. Some of the popular choices include:

Call center representative 

A huge number of companies are hiring call center representatives who can take calls at their home. These jobs need people to have a dedicated phone line, a quiet place where they can work and a reliable and high speed internet connection and can prove to be highly competitive. This means that you will not be able to get this job if there are children crying in the background or a dog is barking.

Tech support specialist 

This is slightly different from the job of a call center representative because technical support specialists can also work remotely. If you are good at troubleshooting and have some knowledge about computers, then this will turn out to be an excellent career with good prospects.


Whether you are interested in conducting a formal class or would rather teach one-on-one, the internet offers lots of opportunities to teach varying from elementary to graduate school. There is a lot of demand for English, Science and Math tutors all over the world. You can also opt for in-home teaching, which can also extend to teaching music.

Web Developer/ Designer 

Web developer is a sector of information technology and there is a high demand for it. People can find a job in code updating; web hosting, usability review, web design and template redesign or modification.


You can transform your skills for making clothes, jewelry, quilts, candy, illustrations, pottery or baking into a complete business that can be used for targeting international audience. You can take advantage of an online shop such as eBay or etsy and sell them to people in numerous parts of the world

Event Planner 

This career also offers plenty of options that you can use such as organizing business conferences or those that are sponsored by different organizations or taking the load off parents by planning birthday parties for kids. This particular job may require a bit of legwork from individuals.

Editor/ Writer 

Even though print publishing isn’t as successful as it used to be, editing, writing and proofreading jobs are still good options. As long as you are good with words, you can create or edit web content or even make your own blog.

Travel Agent 

In the past decade, home-based travel agencies have increased. However, you need a solid business plan for this purpose and some expertise that allows you to break into this business effectively.
Consider these careers when you wish to work from home.

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