Sunday, 30 December 2018

Unconventional and Unique Career Options

Not everyone wants to be a doctor, lawyer, salesperson or accountant. Some people aren’t interested in the standard careers as they aren’t right for them because either the schedule is very rigid or the work is boring and unappealing. There are people who prefer to have a career that allows them flexible working days and hours, creative freedom and has duties that aren’t monotonous. In this case, the unconventional route should be considered in terms of career choices. Here is a list of some unique career options that can be chosen by people:

Performing Arts Career 

This career has multiple options, which includes that of music, dance and theater. People have the opportunity of turning their hobby or passion into a rewarding and interesting career. For instance, someone who likes dancing can become a versatile dancer and take classes for becoming a choreographer. Once this goal is achieved, a studio can be opened for giving lessons to the public or a choreographer can also work for lead artists or theater productions by teaching backup dancers the routines.

There are numerous career choices available to those people who are passionate about acting. It isn’t just Hollywood. They can also find work in local theatres that can offer a wide variety of roles to make it more challenging. People can also open their own school of acting or give classes. Singers and musicians also have some career choices, apart from becoming big stars. A music school can be opened or teaching posts for music teachers can be taken up.


Another attractive career option for people is freelancing that allows people to choose the jobs they want to do and come up with their own work schedule. If you possess a degree in journalism or English and have superior writing skills, you can consider freelancing for websites that are in search of content writers. People can also write a blog if they wish or write articles for newspapers and magazines. Other careers in freelancing include graphic design, copy editing, art, web design and photography.

Food Critic 

One of the most unconventional careers is that of a food critic that enables individuals to taste a horde of foods spread in different parts of the world and then write reviews about them in magazines, newspapers and websites. However, a good critic needs to have several skills that include the ability of describing the food in a creative way and accurate assessment of the service and quality of food.

In order to get some knowledge about food preparation and selection, people can consider enrolling in a culinary school. They can also cultivate their palate by visiting numerous restaurants in various countries and try different types of dishes. They can launch their career by sending their food reviews to a myriad of newspapers and magazines until they have established themselves as a knowledgeable and renowned food critic who can get paid for this work.

These career choices may be unconventional, but are also highly rewarding for individuals. 

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