Monday, 3 September 2018

6 Excellent Tips for Businesses to Hire Better

Hiring new employees is a crucial and inevitable business process. It is essential for a business to hire the right people for any positions in order to ensure that operations continue to run smoothly and seamlessly. A wrong hire can cause a lot of problems for a business in the long term. Therefore, it is necessary for every organization to follow a proper process that can aid them in hiring the best people for jobs. Here are some tips that can be immensely useful in this regard:

Develop a strong employer brand 

When a business wants to attract candidates, they need to develop a strong employer brand. This is also effective in reducing employee turnover and saves the business from doing active recruiting because lots of people would want to work for it. Thus, they will be flooded with applicants and will be able to choose the best ones for the job.

Move efficiently 

According to statistics, the best candidates for a job are off the market within 10 days. This means that if a business wants to hire the ideal candidate, they need to move efficiently and communicate and negotiate quickly to make a hire.

Write accurate job descriptions 

When writing job descriptions, lots of companies list the requirements and responsibilities of a position. However, qualified employees may often be alienated by this approach. It is better to use either the Demands-Abilities approach in which the company outlines what it expects from the candidates or the Needs-Supplies approach in which the company details what it can do for the employees. This will enable a business to attract candidates that will fit its needs.

Embrace social media and digital trends 

A number of people want to work with businesses that keep up with the latest tech trends. These days, the hiring resources that a business can use include embracing digital media and searching for candidates through public social media profiles. A background check is standard, but the social media profiles of candidates can provide greater details about the individual as an employee and as a person.

Look at the personality 

Yes, the right skillset may seem to be the most important factor in determining if a candidate is a good fit or not yet the truth is that skills can be acquired by anyone, but the same doesn’t apply to personality. A business needs to consider how the personality of the individual aligns with the daily job tasks. For instance, empathy is an important trait for a social worker or nurse than a computer programmer.

Improve the interview process 

The biggest problem in interviews is that most people focus on the potential employee’s technical competence and overlook other essential factors such as emotional intelligence, motivation, coach-ability and temperament. When conducting interviews, it is best to let the employees ask questions as this gives insight into what’s important to them and help you spot red flags.
Use these tips and it will become easier to hire the most suitable candidate for a job. 

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