Friday, 25 January 2019

A Brilliant Guide to Making a Career in Information Technology

All jobs that are related to computing technology are encompassed by information technology such as software, hardware, networking and the internet. There are a large number of information technology positions available all over the globe ranging from entry-level to management and all of them have a wide range of salaries. Some of these positions may require you to interact with others whereas others may not. If you have a passion for information technology, you can find some IT jobs in Chennai that suit your personality. Some of the top positions that are sought after in this field are outlined below:

Computer Support Specialist 

There are usually two categories of computer support specialists; help-desk technicians and technical support specialists. Computer-related inquiries are resolved and assistance is provided by the help-desk technicians whereas technical support specialists help in dealing with computer-user issues through automatic diagnostic programs. They offer training and also write manuals for same. The educational requirements of this position can vary from a certificate to a bachelor’s degree.

Systems Analyst 

Interacting with clients, meeting with potential customers and determining needs through observations and interviews is the job description of systems analyst. There are specific areas where the assistance of systems analyst is required such as financial systems, business, engineering and accounting. Their job also includes preparing financial analyses about purchasing any technology or making other investments. They also work with programmers for ensuring proper functioning of all systems. This position usually requires a bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science.

Computer Software Engineer 

The development and design of computer software is the responsibility of computer software engineers. They analyze the needs of a user and develop appropriate software with the aid of diagrams and flowcharts. Designing business applications, computer games, operating systems and network controlling systems are just some of the jobs done by computer software engineers. Most of them have to have a bachelors and master’s degree to do these jobs.

Computer Programmer 

A computer programmer makes use of the information provided by software engineers or systems analyst for making a computer program. Improvements or repairs to existing programs are also made by these programmers by translating the information into a language understood by the computer. A certificate, an associate or bachelor’s degree may be required for computer programmer positions.

Information Systems Manager 

The main responsibility of an information systems manager is to ensure that an organization has the necessary technology for fulfilling its goals. Their job is to oversee all the technology areas of an organization and manage the other information technology professionals working within it. New technologies are also evaluated by information systems manager and they develop technical standards along with figuring out how any new technology should be implemented within the business. Generally, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field to be eligible for this position.

Tips for Getting the Right IT Job 

Once you have made the decision of working in the information technology industry, you need to know how you can get the right IT job. This can be accomplished easily with some guidance. First things first, you need to prepare yourself. How? Follow these tips:

    • Understand the jobs you want to pursue for your short-term and long-term career.
    • Determine the experience and skill requirements for the jobs.
    • Create and execute a plan for acquiring the necessary certification, training and degrees for the position.
    • Obtain experience and skills via different projects.
      Your next step is to work on your social networking skills for building your career. Tips for doing so are here:
    • You need to develop professional relationship with people working in the IT industry.
    • Offer your assistance to others in their career path and they may also return the favor.
    • Look for a mentor in your field whose guidance and advice you can respect and follow for furthering your own career.
    • Stay in touch with members of your social network and keep them updated about your progress as they might have recommendations for you.
      Now you want to find the IT jobs in Chennai that are worth pursuing. Read on to know more:
    • Think of the characteristics that make you different from your competition. How are you an expert?
    • Join dedicated job-listing websites or look for job postings on the websites of top IT companies.
    • You can also use the services of a recruiter who understands the kind of job you are looking for.
    • Even if you aren’t looking for a job, make sure it is easy for potential employers to find you via social networks like LinkedIn or even      through recruiters and headhunters.
    • Participate in events related to the information technology industry as this gives you a chance to widen your social network and also be seen by recruiters of IT companies.
    • Consider if you are willing to settle for a less attractive job in order to break into the information technology field.
    • If you have found a suitable job, you can consider getting in touch with the hiring manager, apart from sending in an official application.
Bear in mind that your resume is also very important and can affect your success in landing the job. Therefore, it needs some polishing and this is how you can do that:
    • Understand your competition by reviewing resumes of other individuals in the IT industry or applying for a similar job.
    • Go beyond the official description to understand the job requirements and then customize your resume to fit them in order to come off as a reasonable choice.
    • Don’t exaggerate in your resume and stay brief and honest in all descriptions.
    • Not only should you focus on your technical skills that are part of the job, but also mention your soft skills such as communication and sales.
You also need to be prepared for the interview, which requires some research into the company for understanding its culture and showing your commitment to working within the organization. As long as you keep these tips in mind, getting an IT job in Chennai will be rather easy. 

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