Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Some Helpful Tips to Deal with a Difficult Boss

Dealing with a difficult and rude boss makes employees dread going into work every day because they end up getting frustrated. Children are taught to ignore bullies and difficult children when they accost them on the playground, but this can prove to be impossible in your professional life. You can just turn your back on your boss and walk away from them like you did with bullies in school. The key to handling this particular situation is to acquire skills that enable you to handle managers, supervisors or CEOs who anger and frustrate you and lower your job satisfaction.
Here are some tips that you can use if you have to face a difficult boss at work:

Proper Attitude 

Think of your boss as a person that you cannot change. If you want to stay with the company because you like the job, then you have no other choice than either ignoring the frustration you encounter or find a way of handling your supervisor in a way that you both end up feeling satisfied and happy with the outcome. Make a note of the times your boss proves to be difficult. If it is after meeting with a difficult client or with the head of the company, the boss may simply be reacting to high pressure or stress from their own job and taking it out on you. It is also possible that their personal problems may cause them to be short with you. Remember that your boss is also human. This attitude can help you in understanding the reason behind your boss’s attitude and compromising.


You need to be aware of the exact expectations your boss has from you. Understand their directions with clarity or ask again if you don’t. This will show them that you are dedicated to the job and is beneficial in avoiding any conflicts down the road where misunderstands can play a major role. Always be diplomatic with your boss; remember that they are where they are probably because of their skills and experience. Pay attention to their suggestions and follow them as much as possible.


Accept that your boss may not be aware of your job description and the duties that come with it. This is true in the situation where they are new to the company or have just gained their position. Use a helpful attitude and subtle tactics to let them know that you are willing to provide them with the assistance they need for making their job less difficult. This is one of the main desires of bosses because they want to come off as good and effective leaders. Write down your job description and give it to your boss to let them know what you can do.

Chain of Command 

Never lose your temper with your boss and always speak to him in a calm and understanding manner. Document your interactions with him and go to the next person with your evidence and problems only after you have tried everything possible to work with your boss. 

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