Friday, 25 January 2019

Starting a Career in the Finance and Investment Industry

Just like any other industry you have many different jobs that you can do within the investment industry. There is no particular job that you could associate with investment industry since there are different departments within the organizations dealing with loans, investments, etc. Finance and investment advisors are pretty common terms you will hear in such an industry and these are probably the most lucrative people for it. Furthermore, there are loan officers, finance and investment agents that help people in understanding different types of finances and investments and convince them to go in a particular direction with their investment.

There is no set rule for education if you want to work as a financial advisor, investment agent, insurance agent etc. However, it is best that you have at least completed your graduation. Graduation done in subjects like business, economics, marketing and finance is considered a great plus for people who are at the front end of finance and investment industry. Interpersonal skills play a huge role in making you a successful person. While most people in this industry would make their salaries in 5 digits at the end of the year, there are exceptions too.

In most cases, you have to be attached to a finance or investment organization in order to be a part of the industry. However, there are brokers who work as independent brokers and help people capture investment opportunities. The good thing about brokerage is that brokers are not associated with one particular organization but many and so they can offer better chances of investments to the interested people. When you are interested in working for a company the most precious thing you can have with you is past experience. Marketing and sales experience is always a great star on your resume.
Communication skills are the most required skills along with good calculation. It is your communication with people that makes them understand various investment opportunities and take such big decisions. Your words have to be very powerful and the way you communicate should make people trust you. However, if you want to be in full control of your investments and make your decisions from your own mind, you might want to take a different route. In this method, you would convert your 401K retirement plan into an IRA. A self-directed IRA (Individual retirement account) is always the best way to go.

The most unique opportunities that people have started grabbing these days are of converting their retirement plans into Gold IRA. Gold IRA is a way for people to have their cash money in the retirement funds converted into a precious metal to set a hedge against inflation and go for a safe investment journey. While it is called gold IRA, people can deposit other precious metals in this account as well such as platinum, palladium and silver. The nature of this account is that it is a self-directed IRA where you make decisions on how you want to invest your money, from where you want to buy the gold and in what form. 

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