Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Top Reasons Why Your Resume Isn’t Getting a Response

The resume of an individual is an important and comprehensive summary of the work experience, educational background and skills and is used for representing them to organizations and companies mostly in pursuit of a job opportunity. However, submitting a resume doesn’t mean that you will get a call. Some companies may call and some may not, depending on their needs and requirements. But, there are situations when a resume doesn’t get any response and there can be numerous reasons why this happens. Nevertheless, the primary reason why a resume is ignored is because of failure of individuals in demonstrating their qualification and job experience at a sufficient level.

You should immediate get an expert resume evaluation on your resume. Some of the problems that may exist in a resume are highlighted here:

Excessive Resume Format 

Elaborate, hard to read and long resume formats are difficult to read, understand and categorize for the human resource personnel. The purpose of the resume is to provide relevant information about the job position rather than their career description and entire education. In the past, job seekers could make their resume stand out with the help of formatting, but this is obsolete now. This is because technological advancement has eliminated the need of hard copy resumes and companies now prefer their electronic versions.

Insufficient Objective or Summary 

When the top of the resume includes the objective, the hiring managers may come to the conclusion that your goal isn’t in line with the job that’s applied for. Hence, an objective statement has the potential of backfiring and rendering you unsuitable for the job in the eye of the recruiter. Therefore, it is essential to tailor your resume for each job application. The cover letter mentions the goals in this case and this will show how you are qualified for a position.

Failure to Emphasize Relevant Expertise 

A resume that’s merely a chronological list of an individual’s work experience will fail to show how they are qualified for a particular job. You need to use a functional format for showing recruiters why you are suitable for the position they are offering, but don’t use it unnecessarily as hiring managers may think that you are trying to hide some gaps in employment. Use a logical order for showcasing your employment experience.


You may not get a response from your resume because you may be sending them in for jobs that you aren’t qualified to do. Hiring managers will usually discard those resumes that fail to show the qualifications of the applicant and their exact work experience.

Unnecessary Personal Information 

Resumes may also fail to get a response from potential employers is because people may include excessive personal information in them. You don’t need to mention your hobbies, especially when they aren’t relevant to the kind of job you are applying for.
These are the reasons why your resume is rejected by the employers. Go over them and correct the mistakes that have been highlighted to ensure that your resume showcases your best side. 

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