Thursday, 7 February 2019

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Career Path

No matter what they say, it isn’t just a job. The career path you select will eventually end up defining you as an individual. It gives you a purpose and a sense of identity and enables you to stay on the path of fulfillment. It is a fact that no one wants to waste their energy and time on a job they don’t really care about. There are numerous factors that can lead to such a situation such as lack of information, wrong career advice and bad decision making. Choosing a career is not an easy task. It is tough to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life.

Obviously, you don’t want to make the wrong choice because it will make you miserable and lead to money worries and stress. So, how can you ensure that you are making the right choice? Listed below are the common mistakes to avoid when you have to choose a career path:

Mistake 1: Ignoring the warning signs of industry decline

There is no guarantee when it comes to industries as they tend to come and go. The buggy whip industry was thriving until the automobile industry wiped it out. Large-scale and machine-cut vinyl printing replaced the jobs of sign painters. This shows that there are a limited number of career choices and it is a recommended that you ascertain whether the industry will be around in 20 years’ time. How can you do so? You need to be thorough in your research and see how an industry is doing and check its outlook before you decide to work in it.

Mistake 2: Prioritizing money 

Money cannot buy happiness, but people who are struggling to put food on the table or pay their bills will probably disagree. However, even though money does bring security and it is a major consideration when you are selecting a career path, it should not be the only aspect to focus on. Opting for a job only for the money will only lead to unhappiness in the future. Initially, the nice house, fancy car and expensive clothes will appeal to you, but if you hate your job, you will not be able to enjoy these things. Therefore, you need to maintain a balance between a fulfilling career and decent pay.

Mistake 3: Opting for a job that has limited growth prospects 

You have to climb a lot of ladders in most industries. You have to work hard when you start at the bottom rung and climb on top only after paying your dues. But, this is not the case for every industry and you need to determine this from the start. Some industries have limited growth prospects and you need to know if you would be comfortable with a career that doesn’t have a possibility of promotion. If you are passionate about your career and want to get rewards for your efforts, you need to reconsider the choice of industry.

Mistake 4: Putting up with parental pressure 

There are certain pressures that come from your family as well. Some parents have very specific ideas about what they want their children to do. From real estate and low to military careers and plumbing, there are thousands of people who simply follow the path that has been chosen for them by their parents. A good portion of these individuals end up regretting their decision. You need to decide if it is something you want to do or you are simply doing it to make your parents happy. Bear in mind that you only get one shot in life and you don’t want to waste your chance.

Mistake 5: Choosing something at random 

Most people who are unsure of what they want to do simply pick something at random, thinking that they can always switch in the future. Lots of people out there choose a job because it is convenient, can pay the bills and adds something to your resume. As they gain experience in that industry, they are promoted or get a raise. They acquire skills pertaining to that career path and before they know it, they are stuck to that career path. Sometimes you have to opt for a job that you are not passionate about, but set a deadline for yourself in order to get out.

Mistake 6: Looking out for the ‘perfect’ career

Yes, you don’t want to choose a job for the wrong reasons, but this doesn’t mean that you should exclude yourself from good opportunities in search of the ‘perfect’ career. Some people are looking for a job where everything is perfect for them and they don’t want to make any compromises. The job has to check every single box or it is not worth considering. There is no wiggle room at all. Frustration and disappointment is the eventual outcome of such an approach and you will end up throwing away some great opportunities.

Mistake 7: Thinking you need natural talent for a particular career

It seems that some people are born with particular skills and this refers to careers of artists, musicians, mathematicians and designers. But, the fact is that if you are willing to work for it, you can accomplish anything and everything. Don’t just decide not to pursue certain careers because you don’t know anything about them. Are these fields interesting? Do you get excited at the prospect of working in that profession? If it is so, you need to find a way to make it happen. You will have to work hard and put in a lot of time and energy, but you will get the results you desire.
These are some of the mistakes that people are known to make when they are selecting a career path for themselves. If you don’t want to be unhappy in the future and want to have a successful and fulfilling career, you need to learn to avoid them and make a decision very carefully and after plenty of consideration. 

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