Friday, 15 February 2019

Laid off? Learn To Make A Brand New Start

There will be numerous times when you feel like resigning because you do not like what you do. Still, the reason why ninety percent people do not resign is that they need a job for their survival. However, things can go wrong anytime and if you get fired all of a sudden, without any notification, this can be a very stressful situation. A sudden job loss can create a lot of problems for you and that too when you are constantly hearing about the ongoing recession. I have been through a phase like this so I can clearly understand what it feels like to stay at home not knowing what to do.

Even if you lose job, do not lose hope. I can say it from my personal experience that a positive attitude can take you a long way. It is true that you will have hundreds of thoughts in your head about paying bills, taking care of a family and how to find a new job. However, you can think about the positive aspects as well. You will be able to spend some good time with family and you can do things which have been pending because of your busy schedule.

Well, loosing a job can be considered as a blessing too as it gives you an opportunity to reinvent yourself which is very important in any career. You need to forget about past, move on and create a new future for yourself. Following are a few tips that are going to help you a lot:

1. Do not look down on yourself:

Just because you have been laid off does not mean that it was your fault or you were not loyal with your job. If you lose your job all of a sudden, make sure that you do not lose your confidence. It was not your fault so you do not have to take the blame. If you want to, you can think hundreds of things that you could have done to save your job but all this thinking will only drain your energy which is not a good thing. Always keep in mind that you were just a part of downsizing as company was not doing so well.

2. Prioritize things:

Now, you have time on your hands so instead of thinking what could have been done, you need to think what can be done to improve the situation. For all the gone years, you have been trying to impress your boss, keep your colleagues happy. This is the right time to make your happiness a priority and do things that will make you happy.

3. Take a decision:

If you were unhappy about your job then you should take this laying off as a positive sign. You finally have an opportunity do something you love. Have you always wanted to start your own business or you wanted to make a career switch? This is a perfect time to make a decision and follow your instinct. Stop thinking and act on your plans. Thinking a lot while sitting in front of TV will take you nowhere.

Loosing a job and staying positive after that can be difficult. Looking for a new job, switching career and trying to make a new start can be very frustrating too but always keep in mind that things happen for a reason. If you cannot face this alone, ask for help from friends and family. You need to be emotionally stable to begin everything from the scratch. Once you are stable, you are all set to start looking for a new job. 

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