Saturday, 9 February 2019

Office Drama – Loved By Everyone!

Office politics has been bestowed with a brand new name and that is “office drama”. Well, when we read these are just two words. However, office politics and dirty office politics can affect our lives and jobs in a lot of ways. Everyone is interested in knowing what’s going on in someone else’s life. Even someone says he is not, he is just bluffing. The fact is that we all love drama and we are constantly looking for it.

In every organization you will find two kinds of people. One will be the leader of office politics and will be creating all the drama and trust me will also be appreciating himself. The second kind will either be the victim or just an audience. Some people can just handle office politics as they have been working in various organizations and are well aware of how things work. However, people who have recently become a part of this rat race may suffer.

Handling The Drama:

Handling office politics in a correct manner is way too important otherwise a workplace looks like more of a hell. You do not have to be a part of it, but you need to learn to be safe from it. One cannot continue to change jobs because he is unable to adjust in a political office. Learn to backfire or protect yourself from all the drama and concentrate on your work. It is true that if only one person refuses to throw away his values, cannot bring a big difference. However, such an attitude will keep him safe from the dirty politics. 

Pick Battles Wisely:

You will always find people who like dominating their colleagues or team members. Such people will leave no room for good and healthy discussions among team members. Also, they will refuse to listen to others or even pay respect to them. Avoiding such people at your workplace is the best thing you can. These people who have no life of their own are not worth any importance. You need to pick your battles wisely and avoiding this one is a wise decision.

Avoid The Hidden Traps:

These days’ people are more interested in getting information regarding colleagues’ persona lives instead of focusing on office project. The gossip mongrels of office are the people you really need to avoid because these people are the ones will drag you into dirty politics game and by the time you will realize it, it will be too late. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes. If you like to respect your privacy, isn’t it your moral duty to respect your colleagues’ privacy and just enjoy a good environment at work.

Pay Attention:

Well, the fact is that your survival in an office where office politics is the most important thing can become really difficult if you will act like a saint. If you do not handle politics tactfully, you are going to be the first victim for it. Your hard work, loyalty will be ignored just because someone was way too nice to your boss then you were. Who cares how hardworking you are. Because of the politics you will get a promotion only if you are good friends with “Higher Management”

Avoid Becoming A Good Player:

It is impossible for people to survive in a workplace without getting involved in office politics. However, one should play the game fairly. Do not let your stubborn, hard headed boss or a colleague who is “extra friendly” take away the credit of your hard work away from you. Always keep in mind that dirty politics might take you to higher position but is it really worth it? If it gets that bad, my suggestion is to quit the game instead of becoming a better player at it. 

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