Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Tips for Succeeding in your Career in 2019

Are you have a tough time at work? Do some days just seem to drag on endlessly? Are there times when you wish you could just vanish and not go to work? Are you afraid you will lose your sanity if you have to work with the same people for one more day? Maybe you are just bored and the thought of going to work just seems tedious to you. No matter how hard your life at work may be, you should rest assured that your future is in your hands. You may not have control over other people or circumstances, but you can take steps for pushing your career forward.
Outlined below are some great tips for succeeding in your career in this year:

    • Commit 

Decide that you will make 2019 your best career year. The simple fact is that if you wish to thrive at work, you have to actually take action than to just talk about it. Wanting, wishing, praying or hoping will rarely give you the outcomes you want. If you want to move your career forward, you will have to make the changes happen. You need to make up your mind about whether you will stay with your company or you want to move to other opportunities. When you have made your decision, you need to commit to it fully. It is also recommended that you don’t stay in an unhealthy environment and make a switch if things are not comfortable.

    • Have courage 

Sometimes, circumstances are such that you think you have little choice, but to stay and face the situation. This is when you need to have some courage and challenge their thinking. Don’t let unfounded assumptions and limiting beliefs stop you from experiencing better and new work options. For instance, having a difficult conversation with your coworker or boss might make enough difference to help you in feeling better about your job. If you believe that you are capable of learning the skills needed for your dream job, you just need to have the courage to take a step forward and give it a try.

    • Be realistic 

When you face the truth and accept the reality regarding your circumstances, it will enable you to make quicker decisions and take the necessary actions. If you are in denial, it will only delay the inevitable because the only way you can overcome challenges is by confronting them. For instance, if you are being bullied in the workplace, it might be easier to simply tolerate it instead of searching for a new job altogether, but the fact is that you will never thrive at work if you feel undervalued, disrespected and mistreated.

    • Ask for help if required 

It can become immensely difficult to decide what to do when you are struggling through everything alone. Therefore, it is a good idea to seek the advice and counsel of those you respect and trust. You can leverage your network to reach out to people and obtain the information and guidance necessary for making the changes you want. If you don’t know where to get started, just get in touch with your friends. Have you ever dreamt about doing a particular job, but don’t know how to go about it? The easiest way is to reach out to people in that industry. Social media networks such as LinkedIn are also an excellent way of finding people who can offer you useful and valuable advice.

    • Establish goals 

One of the biggest boosts to anyone’s spirit is a sense of progress. When you feel as if you are moving forward towards achieving your outcomes, it can be a great motivator because it pushes you to remain resilient and focused when dealing with any change. If you have long term goals, it is a good idea to break them down into smaller ones so they can be checked off the list as they are achieved. For example, if finding a job is your goal, but you don’t have the confidence, you can set smaller goals like updating your CV, contacting recruitment agents or attending seminars and workshops that can give you useful insight into writing applications and giving interviews.

    • Adopt an attitude carefully 

Even if you feel mistreated or hard done, stressing over it or acting out is not going to benefit you in any way. Don’t create a drama or a huge fuss because people will start viewing you as part of the problem. Adopt a proper attitude and be very careful about your actions. Believe in yourself about being able to create the change you desire. Just because you don’t have all the answers right now doesn’t mean you cannot find them.
Use these tips for pushing your career forward in 2019 and beyond and reach new heights of success. 

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