Monday, 25 February 2019

Tips to Create a Plan B for your Career

Once, jobs were regarded as a long-term proposition, but things are very different in the modern 21st century. Whether it is changing work practices, poor financial performance or corporate changes, jobs and careers have now come under the chopping block. Downsizing has become a common practice amongst organizations and the availability of new and skilled talent means that companies don’t have a problem in finding a candidate they need. Nowadays, there is no security or loyalty when it comes to a career as there have been some major shifts in the job world. The working world is now full of uncertainty due to which a number of people have to accept that their Plan A may not work.

Sure, you had a lot of ideas and thoughts about your career, but it is not necessary that everything falls into place. Hence, it is a good idea for people to have a backup plan. So, how do you go about creating a plan B? Listed below are some of the tips that can come in handy for doing so:

    • Update your social media and resume 

When you are already doing a job that you are enjoying, it may seem like a waste of time for you to update your resume. However, one thing you need to remember is that crisis can sneak up on you without warning and it is a good thing to be prepared for anything and everything. You can make things easy for yourself when you update your skills and accomplishments in each quarter. You can create a separate folder where you can store feedback from your boss and clients for when you might require it. When you update your CV, make sure you upload it on job sites and also make the necessary changes on social media platforms such as LinkedIn.

    • Polish your existing skills 

You got your current job with your existing skills so it is a good idea to keep polishing them. Your work will evolve continuously and it is essential for your skills to be able to keep up with it. How can you do it? This can be done by attending training, workshops or obtaining certifications as it keeps you on top of your game. You just also hone your soft skills, whether it is teamwork, communication, conflict resolution or adaptability. Consider yourself as an ongoing project and continue making improvements in order to get better.

    • Expand your network 

The key to a successful career lies in networking; if you don’t know this already, it is time to recognize the importance of building your network. Just because you may not be in the market for a job doesn’t mean that you should get complacent. Having a superb network is vital for your Plan B to be effective. Make sure you attend all possible networking meets, participate in activities that involve sharing and don’t forget to attend your school and college reunions either. Try and expand your network organically and avoid keeping it inbred.

    • Try new things 

Just because you have a job doesn’t mean that you cannot pursue your hobbies on the side. You should not close yourself to new experiences such as any side projects, your favorite activities or hobbies, pursuing online courses or learning new skills. This is the best way for you to stay agile and cope during uncertain times. When you try a bunch of new things and even if you are unsuccessful, it makes your resilient. This can make it easier for you to follow Plan B in case A doesn’t work out for you.

    • Make a list of best companies 

No matter how happy your current job makes you, it is a mistake for you to think about settling. One of the top ways to achieve progress and grow is by aspiring for more. How to go about this? You should make a list of some of the best companies or your dream companies, along with their websites, links to their job page and any contacts or connections you have there. Making such a list gives you somewhere to begin in case you need to implement plan B. Go over your list every now and then to see if anything interesting opens up.

    • Accumulate all vital data 

These days, when there is tough competition out there, layoffs can be very quick. In fact, employees may be asked to leave the same day and not given a longer notice period. Therefore, it is crucial for you to stay on top of all vital data that you have such as your files, samples, photos and documents and everything else that can give your career a boost. Every quarter, back up all the data that you are permitted to on a backup hard drive so you can take it along with you.

With these tips, you will have a Plan B for your career and never be out of options. 

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