Saturday, 9 February 2019

Who’s your Boss!

While we are at our offices, we have to deal with people with different personalities. We like some people and we dislike some people. If the situation is limited to employees only, it is not that difficult as one can always ignore the people they do not like to communicate with. However, there comes a situation when we have to deal with bosses of different personality types. Anyone who gets a good boss is a lucky one. There are different types of bosses and one needs to realize their boss’s category so that they can handle the situation on their own.

Good or great bosses are likely to have the similar positive traits. Not only they are supportive, good listeners and clear communicators, they are also very friendly and they make sure that they maintain a healthy working environment. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find a great boss. Let’s take a look at a few different types of bosses and you can see who your boss is?

1. The Dream Boss:

The instant reaction of some people on “dream boss” is that they don’t exist. However, it is not true. Anyone can be lucky enough to find a dream boss. A good boss will understand you, value your work, will pay you timely, will acknowledge your hard work and will maintain a healthy working relationship with you. A dream boss will never create an uncomfortable situation and will have a great sense of humor. If you have found this specie, you can also find a unicorn.

2. The Dominating Boss:

A dominating boss will always like to do things in his own way and you will always find flair of drama in him. Such bosses are also considered to be very clever and they manage to find a way to get the work done in a way which is really convenient for them. They will not like it even if you take a single decision of your own. They want to be the boss of everything. Such bosses are always suspicious so if it is anything important make sure you communicate it in an email to be on the safe side.

3. The Narcissistic Boss:

Narcissistic boss is just another extension of a dominating boss. Such bosses are self centered and they do not like suggestions or criticism at all.  If you have seen The Devil Wears Prada you can definitely related your boss to Miranda priestly. Dealing with a boss like this can be a nightmare at times.

4. The put-down Boss:

This is probably the worst situation to be in. Surviving under a boss with a negative attitude is almost next to impossible and who would want to have a boss like this. A boss like this will never appreciate your work and will constantly make you feel that you are no good. You can try talking to them if their behavior disturbs you a lot but that is not going to bring any difference. In such situations it is always better to leave the job before your boss makes you believe that you are a loser.


Well, personality clashes are bound to happen in any place. If you want to survive in a work place, the best option is to understand the kind of your boss and deal with him accordingly. There is a solution to everything and every kind of personality can be dealt. All you need to do is intelligent thinking and your survival at work place is for sure.

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