Friday, 15 March 2019

A Brilliant Guide to Making an HR Professional Resume

The architects of a successful company are the HR personnel. HR stands for human resource. This department is the backbone of the company. Therefore, it is a very daunting task for people to write a resume and present their candidature for this position. It is the HR professionals who script the success of any company. This is because these professionals are responsible for hiring good people, drawing up policies, imparting training and dealing with employee issues and problems etc. HR personnel provide assistance to employees and act as counselors for resolving any work-related issues. Thus, these professionals have to be friendly, caring and be ready to help.

Ideally, all these roles should be reflected in an HR professional resume and the individual should be introduced as a sensitive and caring professional. A number of points have to be considered for making an exemplary and effective resume for an HR professional. The purview of the HR has to be understood for this purpose, which includes identifying the main roles like advising, developing and implementing policies that are related to the effective and optimal use of all employees.

The other major activities that are involved in the human resource department are accounting, understanding organizational behavior, managing human resource, scripting business writing strategies, devising management principles, forging industrial relations, strategizing compensation management like equity issues and incentive programs and knowing occupational health and safety measures. Because of all these activities, an HR professional resume has to be different than other regular resumes. It has to be more expressive and should include more jargon.

The career highlights section of an HR resume should mention any new HR policy or procedure developed by the said individual that has had a positive impact, the number of people inducted or trained, any system introduced for enhancing efficiency, any cost-cutting scheme and also the participation in leadership initiatives. Apart from that, the resume of an HR professional should also be filled with power verbs. This includes addressed, interacted, advocated, interfaced, mentored, litigated, scheduled, assigned, counseled, screened, recruited and terminated. Not only do these words describe the active involvement of the individual, but also portray their active involvement.

People should also mention if they have worked with teams or on a one-on-one basis. The key designations held by the candidate should also be discussed, which include terms like HR Manager, HR Assistant, Staffing manager, HR Specialist, HRIS specialist, personnel supervisor etc. The skill and knowledge set of the candidate is also another important factor. This includes the 3 basic ‘R’s of writing, reading and arithmetic skills. It is considered ideal if people possess the knowledge of multiple human resource disciplines. People should also present themselves as a dignified candidate by maintaining professional appearance and giving off a positive image. It is also essential to discuss any additional responsibilities that were undertaken. This involves the research or investigation of a particular issue or if you have also provided on-the-job training. All these points will make up an HR professional resume that’s bound to render effective and beneficial results. 

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