Friday, 8 March 2019

How to Move your Career Forward without Switching Jobs

If you are a career-oriented person, then you are aware of how great it is to see your career move forward. Every new milestone brings excitement and pleasure and you don’t want it to stop. But, eventually it does come to a halt or slows down, at the very least. When you have put in five years or more in the same job, it is not surprising that things become stagnant. You start feeling as if your career has come at a standstill. In most cases, if you discuss this with anyone, they will advise you to think of switching jobs.

But, the fact is that not many people are comfortable with this option. First and foremost, it can be difficult to find a good opportunity in today’s volatile job market, especially one that can fulfill your requirements. Secondly, not everyone wants to switch jobs because they are truly happy in their organizations. You have probably outgrown your role and not where you work. Thus, rather than moving on from your organization, you should be looking for ways to move ahead in it. There are numerous advantages of staying in the same job like you don’t have to establish yourself in the existing company because they already know your talents and skills.

Furthermore, your existing job provides you a sense of stability and this reduces the stress of making plans every time you change jobs. Staying with one company means that your loyalty is rewarded with perks like personal incentives or profit sharing. You prove yourself to be reliable and this helps you in earning the respect and trust of others and you may even be asked to mentor others. Also, when you have worked in the same company for a while, you will be able to have an influence the firm’s direction.

Now that you know the benefits of growing your career while staying in the same job, you have to figure out how to go about it and now switch jobs. The ideal way for you to do that is by choosing a new project in your existing position for expanding your marketability and your skillset. Listed below are the four ways that can be helpful in identifying areas that are great for you and will enable you to move forward:

    • Look for the best areas of growth 

Search for responsibilities and assignments in your current job that will give you a chance to grow. Do a self-assessment as this will assist you in identifying the behaviors, skills and actions that are needed for taking on a new challenge.

    • Add to your current job 

Another way to move your career forward without changing jobs is to incorporate more responsibilities to your current job, which will provide you with an edge and hone new skills. For instance, you can simply switch tasks with a co-worker or you can also sign up for a project that will allow you to get a better sense of your own role. You can also reshape your job by re-examining your responsibilities. Keep an eye out for duties that are technically a part of your job, but you have never thought of them as a priority.

    • Look for a temporary assignment outside of your job 

One way to grow in your existing job diversely is by volunteering for a project outside your department. Keep an eye out for any new project that requires an additional team member or whether someone requires mentoring. Doing a temporary assignment will work wonders in broadening your knowledge of the company and also provide you with some leverage within the organization.

    • Talk to your boss 

When you make development plans for pushing your career forward in the same company, it is a good idea to talk to your boss about them. This is your way of letting them know why you are eager to take on any new challenges that may present themselves. Sit down with your boss and talk to them about the skills you wish to improve or learn. Your boss is most likely going to be impressed with the enthusiasm you show because you are staying loyal and not looking for opportunities elsewhere. As a result, when they are in search of someone to promote next time, they are going to consider you and you may even end up as the first choice.

These four ways indicate that the best way for you to push your career forward without moving onto a new job is to take on new challenges. Instead of letting yourself fall into a rut, be ready to spice things up every now and then. Don’t hesitate when new opportunities rear their head, even if they are a bit out of your comfort zone. Continue to do that and you will watch your career flourish. 

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