Thursday, 11 April 2019

7 Best Careers in Sports for Girls

There are countless employment opportunities that are offered by the sports industry. It is a misconception of people that this industry is only reserved for men and girls cannot be a part of it. However, this is not based on fact as girls can be as good athletes as boys. Moreover, the best part is that having a career in sports doesn’t mean that you have to play a particular sport. There are a number of non-athlete jobs that can also be done by girls if they don’t think they are very athletic and are not interested in playing anything. So, if you are a girl pursuing a career in sports, but not necessarily an athletic one, here are the top 5 options you should consider:

Public Relations Manager 

Most sports franchises and athletes are very conscious of their public image. They want to ensure that only their best qualities are showcased in front of the sponsors and also the general public. This is where a public relations manager comes in. Their job is to manage and control the spread of information between an organization or an individual and the general public. There is a change in the role of public relations professionals as there has been a shift from the traditional media to online. This means that you have to adapt to the change and learn new skills for understanding social media and how it can impact your clients.


Is math your strong talent? You can consider the job of a sports industry statistician as the importance of analytics in the industry has grown as per recent trends. Rather than going for the traditional ‘eye test’, teams have now come to rely on statistics for making their decisions as they are based on facts. This movement towards statistics is most prominent in the game of baseball, but it is also becoming quite popular and common in football and basketball. Statisticians are also considered to be one of the most highly paid sports professionals so you can expect to rake in a lot of money.


A female agent? Most people would be surprised to hear that, but it is true that no one can negotiate better than a woman. So, why not become an agent and represent clients? Your primary role is to negotiate endorsement deals and contracts for athletes and coaches. You are also going to be the primary link between the players and the team they are a part of. As an agent, you will have a very strong and powerful influence over your clients and your job is to make decisions in their best interests.

Event Planner or Coordinator 

No one can plan an event better than a woman, right? If you are looking for a career in the sports industry for girls, you can definitely consider becoming an event planner or coordinator. This job requires you to organize and plan for all aspects that are part of hosting a sporting event. Promoting the event is also part of this organization. There are a variety of tasks that are encompassed in event planning such as establishing dates, budgeting, reserving and choosing the event location, acquiring permits such as insurance licenses and alcohol permits etc. and also coordinating parking and transportation. Location support also falls under your responsibility, which includes electricity and other utilities.

Training Instructor 

The job of a training instructor entails assisting patients with the treatment and also prevention of bone and muscle issues. As part of your job, you may have to make instant assessments of injuries and also provide first aid services. You also develop personalized exercise programs and routines for your clients in order to keep them fit and prevent any future injuries. You also need to provide them assistance in skills development and ensure peak fitness and performance. You can provide theoretical as well as practical instructions to the athletes, if needed.

Advertising Account Executive 

In simple terms, you work with an advertising agency, which is the main link between you and one or more clients of the agency. As an advertising account executive, your duties involve running advertising campaigns for one or more clients in the sports industry and there are some really great opportunities you can explore if you are creative and can come up with unique campaigns.

Sports Psychologists 

As sports can get really competitive, teams have made it a practice to hire sports psychologists for their players. You have to focus on the mental preparation of the athletes for top performance. Also, you need to understand that psychological factors can have an impact on physical performance so you need to be aware of your clients’ mental state. You have to work with coaches and athletes regarding communication, injury rehabilitation, career transitions, team building and similar aspects.

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