Thursday, 9 May 2019

Essential Workplace Amenities to Have

Gone are the days when companies provided their employees with the bare minimum amenities needed for doing their work. With high demand for skilled staff, businesses are offering a world of workplace amenities to their employees. More and more people wish to work from home so the goal is to provide them with an office space that makes them feel at home. In order to attract and retain top talent, companies have prioritized some workplace amenities. For instance, locations have become the top choice of over 600 businesses in numerous industries.
From Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T and GE to professional practices and small firms in areas like clean technology and social software have chosen to set up their offices at Bishop Ranch due to the facilities it can provide to their work staff. There are some essential workplace amenities that every business needs to have, which are outlined below:

Parking and Transportation

The ease of reaching the workplace can make a huge difference in employee satisfaction. Offices that are located in central spots or offer big parking lots are quite popular. However, employees are especially happy when they are provided with a proper transportation program designed for them and can make commuting easier, convenient and cheap.

Fitness or Wellness Center

People have become quite health conscious these days, but they don’t often get the time to work out due to heavy workloads. Therefore, it is always a plus when they are provided with an easily accessible and comfortable fitness or wellness center right at their workplace. Employee health and morale gets a boost when they have the option of taking in a fitness class during their break, hopping onto the elliptical or even taking a shower.

Food Options

Your employees need energy to be able to work and food is the way for them to get it. An important amenity to add in your office is a variety of food options for your staff. If your workers go out during their break, they are likely to take more time and this can reduce productivity. Therefore, it is a good idea to provide them with the option of getting something tasty from the office café. Design it such that they can also entertain clients there or simply interact with their coworkers and build stronger work relationships.

Childcare Facilities

As more and more women become part of the workforce, it has become a priority for businesses and companies to provide them with childcare facilities at the workplace. Lots of women choose to give up their careers because they don’t want to leave their children with babysitters or at daycare centers that are far away. Even if they don’t give up their jobs, their work performance might suffer as they will be constantly worried about their children. Providing childcare facilities solves two problems; you offer women an incentive to work and do it properly as they know they can check on their child easily.

Health and Safety

It is also becoming important for businesses to offer their employees with proper health and medical facilities at the workplace. Stress levels are high these days and having professional help nearby can be immensely beneficial. Likewise, a business also need to provide 24/7 security to its workers, which includes fire and emergency services. Drills should be conducted to create awareness and proper alarms and security systems should be installed.
Apart from that, a workplace has to have a comfortable and efficient environment with conference rooms, auditoriums and other such places, which promote productivity.

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