Saturday, 1 June 2019

Job Responsibilities of a Debt Management Consultant

There are thousands of people out there who are struggling with the burden of debt. They often feel overwhelmed when they are behind on their monthly re-payments and have to live in a limited budget. To them it seems that there is no way out so they seek the services of debt settlement and management agencies. These companies are established for helping people in overcoming debt and have debt management consultants on staff to talk to clients. A debt management consultant is a professional individual who has knowledge of the debt collection procedures and practices and is updated regarding the laws involving debtors and creditors.

Helping people manage their debt can be a challenging and varied task that includes a lot of duties and responsibilities. Some of the common tasks performed by a debt management consultant include interviewing clients for assessing their problems, writing reports and mediating with their creditors on their behalf. Some of the job responsibilities of these individuals are mentioned below in detail:

Interviewing Clients 

This is the first responsibility of a debt management consultant. They need to talk to their clients in order to obtain all financial information about them, which includes their total debt, the different sources of debt, the monthly payments they make, the rate of interest charged and their income. Only when they have this information can they figure out how to help their clients.

Compiling Information 

A debt management consultant has to gather a whole lot of information to understand the situation of each client. They need to compile the information in order to perform the necessary calculations to ascertain how debt can be paid.

Exploring the Options 

There are numerous ways available to people when they wish to get out of debt. There is the option of debt negotiation, settlement, consolidation or even bankruptcy. As they are professionals, debt management consultants weigh the pros and cons of every option in light to their client’s situation and then recommend a solution. For instance, bankruptcy is recommended if the debt is huge and cannot be paid. Likewise, the consultant can also negotiate with creditors to either reduce the rate of interest or settle for a lower amount.

Dealing with Creditors 

The appropriate option is chosen after discussion with the client. Now the debt management consultants have to use their expertise and skills for mediating with the creditors. They will now meet with the creditors and undertake negotiations. This will continue until an agreement is reached by the two parties.

Make the Payments 

The debt management consultant will typically take the responsibility of making the payments to the different creditors. Individuals only have to pay the total to the consultant and it is their responsibility to distribute the sum amongst the creditors after they have deducted their fee.

Legal Advice 

Debt management consultants can also provide legal advice to their customers, especially in the case where they have to file for bankruptcy due to their inability of making payments. They will be able to provide impeccable guidance and recommendations. 

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