Friday, 14 June 2019

Three Qualities to Find in a Life Coach

Whether you are an individual sitting at home wondering about how to bring your life on track or an executive looking for ways to be more effective with your public speaking, you need to have a right mentor. A life coach can certainly help you immensely in this situation. But how do you pick the best one out there? Here’s how you will identify the right one.

The Three Qualities to Look for in the Best Life Coach

    1. Experienced in the Art

The first thing you want in your life coach is that he/she has gone through and seen everything that they are talking about. You cannot learn about life unless you experience it yourself. When you want someone to tell you about it, you want them to someone who can confidently say, “I have been there, and I have done that.”

    2. Realistically Optimistic

You want your life coach to be hopeful about things and to be able to look at life from a positive angle. However, you don’t want your mentor to have unreal expectations from you or anyone. When they tell you to do things you can’t, the end result is disappointment and frustrations. These are the exact things you don’t want from any type of learning in life.

    3. Focus on the “You”

Last but not least, your life coach does not want you to create new qualities in your personality. The right coach will not tell you to be like someone else in life. Instead, the true mentor will always help you discover your true potentials. These are the potentials that you already have but you have not discovered them. There were many things you could have made possible only if you had realized those potentials in you. The right life coach will help you with that.

Final Thoughts

When you want to be on the other side of the river, you have to take the boat. You want to take the one you are sure will take you to the other side. Choose your life coach wisely, and after proper inspection and consideration. 

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