Saturday, 6 July 2019

Can LinkedIn Help You In Your Career?

People who don’t know much about LinkedIn would often compare it with Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social networking platforms. Those who do that are actually comparing oranges to apples. LinkedIn is a completely different world in its own. LinkedIn is a social networking platform meant primarily and majorly for professionals. These professionals find a way to communicate with each other on the internet to share useful stuff and increase a network that can give them great benefits. It is not just about sharing funny pictures and videos or arguing over the latest viral videos on the internet.

LinkedIn allows people to join groups and create them. In these groups are people who belong to various companies. These people are either workers or owners of companies. According to the latest information LinkedIn is the biggest network of professionals in the world. When you are on LinkedIn you are visible to professional entities in more than 200 countries of the world. Not to mention the fact that every second two more people are added to its users’ database. It is also important to know here that people using LinkedIn are some of the most active users on any social networking platform.
You might not know but employers have now started to gauge the characters and inclinations of their applicants by looking at their social networking profile. LinkedIn is a place for professionals and mostly you will engage yourself in professional conversations. This makes your online presence very impressive. Moreover, LinkedIn has made it extremely easy for its users to share stuff on Twitter. With just one click you can share whatever you have shared on LinkedIn on Twitter. This will give you more exposure in the online world. Another great feature on LinkedIn is the recommendation feature.

Liking a post on Facebook means liking and that’s it. On LinkedIn you have recommendations and this is serious business. You have to create a whole request on which you have to mention the people who you want to get the recommendation from, mention what you want to be recommended for and include a note with your request. With mostly professionals on the network your request will be taken very seriously. Getting recommendations from these people carry a lot of weight and can make you an impressive candidate. LinkedIn also gives you the opportunity to customize your profile in a very unique way.

You can move the features of your profile here and there so the best highlights of your personality show up on top when people open your profile. Another great thing about LinkedIn is that you can create a network of people who are just like you or who belong to your industry. Searching such people has been made quite easy by LinkedIn. You can search for people based on the groups they have joined, your mutually common connections, your hobbies, location etc. What this means is that you can create a network of people who can help you at a point to get a job when you are looking for one.  

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