Saturday, 6 July 2019

Mistakes You Must Not Make When Looking For A Job

Times can be hard and even harder when you are financially stuck. You might not like the job you are doing right now but you would miss what you do if you end up in a situation where you have to find a job. Browsing on the internet job portals and hearing things from people often send out an impression that there are a lot of jobs available in the market. That’s not true. You can’t simply say that there are a lot of jobs available without actually considering the number of people applying for those jobs.

When you are desperately looking for a job you should do your best to be mentally calm. The more panicked you are the more bad decisions you make. Such little mistakes can make you waste a lot of opportunities. People would go for interviews at dozens of places and receive no call at all. It happens when you are leaving a bad impression at the recruiters and interviewers. Generally, most job seekers are found making the same mistakes. Avoid these mistakes and you will increase your chances of getting hired. Here are the top don’ts when you are looking for a job.

Taking Resume For Granted

This is a mistake that most job seekers would make while looking for a job. They would not update their resumes and this sends out a very nonprofessional impression. Not making the resume look professional is another big mistake. Check out those margins on left and right. Make sure you are using the same font throughout and it has to be a professional font. Avoid the fancy looking bullets. Don’t write passages and keep the size of your headings consistent. Focus on achievements rather than bundling your job responsibilities under your work experience heading.

Using The Same Resume For Every Job

Another mistake the new job seekers make because they are applying at too many places to find enough time to modify their resumes according to the jobs they are applying for. Your resume should be tailored according to the job you are applying for. It is best that you focus more and highlight your marketing and selling skills if you are applying for a marketing job rather than emphasizing too much on your teaching skills. If you are still going with that same generalized and clichéd “objective” found on most of the resumes, change it right now.

Not Writing A Cover Letter

Too often new job seekers will dedicate all their efforts to writing a great resume and forget about the cover letter completely. A cover letter is an extremely important part of any job seeker’s strategy. The cover letter communicates with the job interviewer whereas the resume sits quietly waiting for the reader to be impressed. In addition to that, if you are in a situation where you think your resume is not explaining a few odd things, you could use your cover letter to explain them. You can take explaining your job hopping attitude for example.

Preparing Too Much For Interview

Preparing for interview isn’t a bad thing unless you end up overdoing it. If you want to prepare for your interview, do it in a natural way. You don’t have to have answers to all the questions your interviewer asks from you. Knowing the questions is enough. Don’t write scripts and cram the answers to the questions. This will make you sound very fake and artificial in your interview. Mind you, this type of preparation is easily detectable and it shows that you are not what you are stating in your interview you are.

Applying Unnecessarily

Some job seekers are daring enough to interview for jobs they know they won’t do. They would do it only to get a feel of the interview and the environment inside a big company. This might be a great experience for the job seeker but if he’s called to join and he does not do that, he will be blacklisted by the company for sure. In short, you would have one less company on your list if you are looking for a job in the future. Apply for jobs that you are actually qualified for.

Neglecting Social Media

You might think social media has become a fear only for big companies but social media can be just as intimidating for you too. What you share online, the type of conversations you mostly contribute to and your overall behavior in the online world can tell a lot, in fact everything about you. Don’t be surprised if your employer ventures to check your online profile while you are sitting in front of him giving the interview. Make sure your online presence is very professional. Avoid unnecessary arguments on the internet and appear a professional guy on social media.

Haunting The Hiring Professionals

It is greatly important that you send a thank you note to your interviewing company after the interview. However, keep it there and don’t transgress. Companies can have a long hiring process as well. If you think you should follow up on a job do it professionally and with patience. You don’t have to send an email to the interviewer or the HR department of the company every other day. This will make your image very negative and instead increasing your chances of getting hired you will decrease the chances of being hired at that company ever.

Lying Too Much

Too often you will hear from online experts that you should not trash your previous employer in front of your interviewer. That’s quite true but some people misunderstand this point. They think they have to lie about their previous experiences and make them appear as the best experiences of their lives. There is no problem in telling the truth as to why you left your previous job. Telling the reason for quitting the job and following it up with trashing and maligning your previous company are two completely different things. State the truth, don’t lie too much and focus on what’s about to come. 

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