Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Reasons Why Women Should Try Hands In Art And Craft

Art and craft is all about doing things with your own hands. The world has seen great things being done by people who were related to art and had some craft in their possession. When you have a craft you could use it as a profession or just to pass your time. One thing that is there for sure when you do it is a great feeling that what you are doing is something unique and a reflection of your thoughts. Artists say that you don’t always have to communicate with the world with your words and tongue.

Sometimes, you have to let your hands do the talking. It is quite unfortunate that today we think art and craft is something only for kids when adults can literally obtain great joy in doing it too. Most people seem not satisfied with their jobs. Some are not satisfied because they can’t earn as much as they want to but some complain that they are not satisfied that they are contributing anything to make the world better. On the other hand, most artists with their crafts are satisfied with their work. If you are a woman looking to try luck in art and craft, here are some reasons why you should go ahead right now:


Art and craft is all about creativity. You have to think of something right from the beginning to the end. You give birth to the idea in your head and then you convert that idea into something tangible. What you have created is a reflection of what you had thought in your head. This is your creativity and no one could have copied you when you were thinking of it. The feeling of being creative and putting your creativity to test is not present in most of the professions and jobs of the world.

Expression Of Emotions

How many jobs let you express the emotions in you? How many fields in the world would let you bring your thoughts out and show them to the world? It is only art and craft that let you work on your idea, emotions and feelings and bring them to the world. Art should be free of any obligations and must be done in the form it was conceived. Craft lets you transform your conception into something that would let you connect with the people and let people connect with you without speaking.

The Never Losing Attitude

The great thing about people doing art and craft is that they have a never dying and losing attitude. If they have failed in achieving something, they would do it again. They will keep repeating until they have reached a point where they have created exactly what they had in mind. Of course, when you will not be able to translate your ideas into a form and shape that you had thought in your mind every time. Sometimes, you will encounter failure but that’s when you do things better with a better attitude.


Most of the work people do in enclosed workplaces today are repetitive in nature. When it comes to art and craft, you have a huge world of choices to pick from. Artists can be of many different types doing things that are completely different from other artists even when they are using the same materials. It is totally up to you as an artist what you do with a piece of paper and some colorful paints. You have an entire world of things that you can use to bring out the art in you. You could even create phenomenal things from caps of water bottles.

You Can Surprise

Artists can surprise and wow the world like no other person can. They have it in their hands to control the emotions of the world. Using pieces of paper, used junk items, a canvass, color palettes etc. they can create things that a normal person would not be able to imagine. An artist does everything with his/her hands so the created product is his/her own purely. We can see how artists in the past have surprised the world with their lifelike paintings, statues, monuments etc.

No One Can Steal Your Skill

No one can ever steal your skill when you are associated with art. It is because art comes from your heart and mind and even if someone has the same materials, place, environment and atmosphere as you, they would create something completely different from what you would have imagined. They can never steal your thoughts and how you do things. What you do is uniquely yours and the way you do it can never be stolen by anyone in the world. When you create something with your craft you can take pride that you have done something that no one has or will.


Not a lot of people seem happy with their lives. They always have something bugging them that they have not been able to achieve what they wanted to. On the other hand, artists are mostly calm on the inside. It is not to say that they don’t have passion but they are satisfied with their direction in life. They might still be unsatisfied with an urge of doing much better in future but their sense of accomplishment that goes along as they continue to keep working on their art keeps their inner selves pacified.

Huge Earnings 

While art is not bound by materialistic thoughts, it is still a great way for many people to earn huge moneys. A piece of art crafted by an artist does not have a set price. It totally depends on how much a piece created by the artist has touched the heart of a person. The price could be in thousands and millions of dollars. Since internet has completely gotten rid of the gap among the people of the world, it is now possible for people to have their online websites and shops to show an international audience what they are capable and earn from their art.

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