Wednesday, 24 July 2019

What You Should Know About the Digital Marketing and SEO Career

Digital marketing and SEO are two of the most common terms on the internet. They are like the climate and weather of the internet world so when you are “in” the internet world you are constantly in touch with them even if you don’t notice them. Both these careers came into existence with the arrival of internet. One would wonder how to become an SEO or digital marketing expert if one wants to become one. The first thing you need to know is that there are no hard and fast rules to become an SEO or digital marketer.

What Is Digital Marketing And SEO?

SEO defines the grounds of everything you will do as a professional SEO. You will follow certain procedures, apply methods and create techniques and strategies to take a website on top of the search engine rankings. For this, you have to work with keywords, backlinks, anchor texts, content, web design, social media, etc. Digital marketing is an umbrella term that has many different types of marketing methods hidden underneath it. Pay per click marketing, SEO, social media marketing, blogging, email marketing, ecommerce marketing etc. are digital marketing.

How To Become An SEO Or Digital Marketing Expert

As mentioned earlier, there are no hard and fast rules to become a digital marketer or search engine optimization expert. However, your knowledge of marketing is extremely important in both the niches. How well you understand the internet, the internet users, latest internet trends and the various platforms and methods of marketing plays an important role in your career. For SEO you can definitely go to various institutions that will provide you a certificate after obtaining SEO training for 3 to 6 months. Some courses can even be shorter than this.

When you want to put visual ads on the internet you will need some knowledge of graphics too. However, it won’t be wrong to say that most people would end up being search engine optimization and digital marketing experts accidentally or unintentionally. The essence of this job lies in your understanding of marketing trends on the internet and how well and consistent you are in your marketing approach. PPC, email marketing and content marketing are not technical things but it’s the tediousness of these jobs that compel companies to hire experts who would only focus on doing them.
Familiarize yourself with social media. Know how emails work and how to use various email marketing softwares. Get knowledge of SEO, meta-tags, ad copies, keywords, SERP softwares, content marketing, article directories, PageRank, domain authority, blogging, backlinks, social networking, analytical tools etc. if you want to step into any of the fields. The truth is that once you are into digital marketing you will gradually start to learn all of these things. Your next step is to have yourself recognized as a marketing expert on the internet to get the attention of employers.

How To Start The Job?

There are many ways for you to be a digital marketing expert and provide your services to people. First, you have online websites for freelancers that allow you to get in touch with employers from around the world and work as a freelance expert. You could become part of a company, a studio or agency that provides any or all of the digital marketing services. There are literally hundreds and thousands of online SEO and digital marketing firms to choose from. The most important thing is to have some experience and portfolio that you can show to your employers.

The most important thing as a digital marketing expert is to have some presence on the internet. Make sure you have a website no matter how basic to show your employers that you are a serious professional.

What You Can Expect And What’s Expected Of You

You can start with not too good or too bad salary in the beginning. In fact, you will be given tasks that are quite easy and non-complex in the beginning. Your starting salary depends a lot on your previous work. The idea here is to keep a record of your work so you can show it when asked for. You can expect the same old interview questions on your interviews. If you have a certificate to prove your SEO and digital marketing skills you will be paid good right from the beginning. Your real world marketing experience will be a great plus for you.

You are expected to be just like any other professional who is calm and does not instigate rows and fights. You should have passion for your work. You definitely need to have some knowledge of the terms. Even if you don’t know many of the things associated with digital marketing you must have a basic idea of what they are. That will really help. You are expected to provide results and that’s what you are paid for. 

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