Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Top Reasons to Use a Citizenship by Investment Program to Get Second Passport

The possibility of acquiring a second passport within three months through a citizenship by investment program comes as a shock to most people. Many believe that the only way you can a second passport is via immigration and after years of waiting. Yet, there are countries that offer a citizenship by investment program that enables you to secure a second passport via investing. Why should you opt for such a program? Listed below are some top reasons for doing so:

For safe harbor 

As civil wars and political turmoil is spreading all over the globe, many people prefer to have a second passport for safe harbor. They may also want alternative citizenship when their home country suffers from natural disasters that decimate its infrastructure. 

For accessing increased civil liberties 

Even if things are normal in your home country, you may want to get a second passport through a citizenship by investment program for accessing expanded civil rights. This could be voting for a democratically elected government, buying and selling properties, driving a car, running a business free from corruption, religious freedom, unrestricted internet access and more. 

For being able to travel easily 

Perhaps, the most popular reason why people opt for a citizenship by investment program is because it offers them the ability of traveling more freely. With a second passport available to them, they don’t have to have a visa for visiting most countries, which can save them considerable time that would otherwise be wasted in acquiring a visa. 

For minimizing the tax burden 

For people with businesses and assets spread all over the world, it is common to seek a favorable tax jurisdiction. The citizenship by investment program allows people to do so easily and they can minimize their tax burden significantly by opting to get a second passport in a country with favorable tax policies.  

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