Thursday, 21 November 2019

Why Automation is a Good Thing?

With technological advancement, there have been a lot of changes in different areas of our lives. One of the outcomes of this advancement is automation, which involves using control systems for controlling processes thereby reducing the need for human intervention. Automation has now become common in a number of industries because of the wide array of benefits it offers. However, many people often ask; automation; is it good for us? Let’s check out some of its prominent benefits:

Reduced operating costs 

When machines are performing tasks instead of people, they can handle the load of several people. This can lead to savings in labor costs and businesses can even enjoy energy savings because automated operations have lower heating requirements. Processes can be streamlined via automation and can lead to better accuracy, which means reduced wastage of materials.

Improved safety

There are some tasks that are too dangerous for people to perform. Here, automation can be immensely helpful in ensuring workers’ safety because they are protected against the hazards while machines do their job.

Faster ROI 

One of the most prominent benefits of automated solutions is that they designed to meet unique goals, which enables them to offer a faster return on investment. Yes, the upfront cost is high, but they give a return by reducing operating costs, increasing output and reducing wastage and in many other ways.

Increased output 

Another major advantage of automation is that machines are capable of working unattended, at a constant speed and round the clock. They don’t get tired and don’t need breaks, which means there is a potential of producing a lot more than usual. It is possible to introduce new products more quickly and this can be done without disruption production of existing ones, something that cannot be done as efficiently without automation. 

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