Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Easy Tips for Hiring a Handyman

Home improvement projects around the house never end; there will always be some fixes and repairs, small and large. Rather than doing them on your own, it is better to hire a handyman. Listed below are some easy tips for hiring a handyman:

    • Don’t let the handyman intimidate you. If you have any questions about their service, you can             just ask them.

    • Check their insurance and license papers. Never hire a handyman without doing your due                     diligence. Doing this step protects you in case they get injured while working for you.

    • Request them for references. A handyman who is good at their job will have several clients ready         to vouch for him.

    • Go over the cost in detail. Ask them for an estimate before they start working for you. If you               don’t want to pay via cash, ask for alternative payment methods.

    • Get everything down in writing. It is a good idea to get details like the contract, estimates and               cost of supplies in written form.

    • Don’t always go for the lowest price. A handyman that’s giving you the lowest quote may be               good for your budget, but they will compromise somewhere. You don’t want low quality work             done.

    • Never pay in advance. A small percentage of the total cost can be made so they can get supplies,         but don’t pay the full amount until the work is done.

    • Obtain the necessary permits. If you are planning major renovation work, the handyman should           be capable of getting the necessary permits.

    • Discuss warranty of their work. Most of them will not give any warranty, but there is no harm in         asking. Go for one who can offer a warranty because you don’t want to put up with poor                     workmanship.

    • Ask about how many jobs they are handling at one time as you don’t want your work to be                   delayed. 

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