Monday, 2 March 2020

How To Find a Job in Korea If You Don’t Speak Korean

The predominant language in Korea is Korean and it is understandable that foreigners in the country looking for opportunities might be worried if they do not speak a word of the Korean language. If you are one of those wondering about how you are going to get work in Korea, this detailed piece is for you. Although an overwhelming proportion of foreigners streaming into Korea do so as students, more people coming to the East Asian nation of recent are doing so in search of better economic opportunities.

You do not need to speak Korean before you can get a job in the country. What you need to do is to focus your search for jobs that need the language that you can actually speak apart from Korean. For obvious reasons, what this means is that you can get jobs at organizations, businesses or agencies that need people who speak fluent English.

 As English is also considered an international language in Korea, a considerable number of foreigners working in the country are actually working as teachers of English. There is a real demand by people who want to learn English in Korea. What this means is that if you are able to speak English fluently and you can teach very well, it will not be difficult for you to find a job as an English teacher. The higher your level of proficiency, teaching skills and even negotiation skills, the better the quality of the English teaching jobs you can get.

It must also be said at this point that foreigners who can speak English do not need to work as teachers compulsorily. This is because there are other opportunities that can allow them to work as translators or writers. As a matter of fact, there are freelancer websites like Freelancer, Guru and Upwork where these English speakers can register and work remotely. This applies to every foreigner, not only those speaking English. Working remotely online as a freelancer is one of the most effective ways by which a foreigner unable to speak Korean can become gainfully employed in the Asian nation.

However, it is not feasible to say that every foreigner in Korea must become an English teacher. Not every foreigner in Korea can speak English and not all of them even know how to teach. So, for other foreigners who cannot speak English, Korea or cannot teach, there is still hope for them. The first step for such people is to take advantage of the tremendous power and reach of the Internet to search for jobs that apply to them.

There are several job portals in Korea (with JobKorea and Saramin) being very good examples. That said, PeopleNJob has been described by many as being the best job portal for foreigners in Korea as many of the jobs on the platform are posted in English. Also, 호빠 is a great platform as well if you want to find a more proper job for yourself.

For those who are citizens of the United States, they can apply for sales jobs offered by the United States military which maintains several bases all over the nation. These sales jobs are principally related to the sales of cars and motorcycles.

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